Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Creativity and Scrap Wood

About 2 weeks ago, my older 3 boys came inside and said, "Hey mom, can we borrow Dad's hammer?" Ummm, my response, "And why do you need a hammer?" Of course I am thinking to myself that giving a 8, 10, and 11 year old boy a hammer without question would probably not be a good idea. They proceed to tell me that there is scrap wood in the very back of our yard in and amongst the trees and they want to build something with it. A bench, they say. And then I think to myself, well that is quite a creative thing to do, but still, do I want to hand over a hammer to them!? So I proceed to tell them to ask their Dad if it is ok and can he come help them with their little project. And he said yes! So off they went to gather wood and start the building. It turned into an awesome opportunity for Jon to teach them about building things. He got out his other tools and showed them how to properly use all of them. They had the BEST time with that big pile of scrap wood. They were so excited and ran in to tell me that they were almost finished and could I come out and see. Of course I grab the video camera and run out there. I took a video of them working and snapped this still shot. They were SO proud. This is the bench that is now turned into a table and is out on our back patio. They ate dinner sitting at this table that night......I love that they had such a good time. Amazing how something so simple can be so meaningful. 

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