Friday, November 14, 2008

It's Been Forever......

Ok, so I have not been on here to post anything in awhile. I keep telling myself that I need to do it AND that I need to put new pictures on here. Which, as I have explained before, is not as easy as it is for most. Needless to say, I am so happy that in about 2-3 months we will have a NEW computer! WOOHOO! And hopefully a new digital camera. Thank you God for that! I so LOVE to take pictures. I have even thought of being a professional photographer. Not because I am good at it, but because I LOVE it. And I am all about doing something that you love for a living. Anyway, to update everyone....especially those family members who aren't as close to us.....ever since I got back from my cousins wedding I have been swamped. Sick kids, sick husband, sick myself. Plus..... This is usually my day during the week: 5:50am - Austin gets up for school (he is awesome and sets his OWN alarm to get up) and I have already set everything out for him the night before that he needs as well as making his lunch which he grabs out of the fridge before he leaves to go out in front of our house to wait for the bus which comes at 6:20am! (I am usually telling him to have a good day while I am still half asleep). Then at 6:50am I wake up Ethan and Caleb, they get up and get dressed in clothes that I make SURE that they lay out the night before. I guess I should mention that all my boys take a shower the night before....just in case  you were asking yourself, "when do they take showers?" Ok, so Ethan and Caleb get up, get dressed and come to the table where I have already set out everything they need. It's usually cereal and juice along with their daily multi-vitamins. Sometimes it's bagels and cream cheese, or bacon, egg and cheese biscuits. But it's always out and ready for them when they are finished getting dressed. In the mean-time, my 14 month old is usually waking up. Usually between 6:30am and 7:15am. So, I run in and change his diaper and bring him out to join his brothers. I fix him juice or milk in his sippy cup and hope that this will hold him off until I can get Ethan and Caleb on the bus which comes at 7:30am (if it's 6:30 when he gets up, he obviously won't wait for an hour to eat, so I usually give him fruit and some cereal). I make sure that they have had enough to eat, take their vitamins, brush their teeth, get their lunch and backpack. THEN it's time to stand at the door to listen for the bus...thank you God for the fact that the bus stops RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR HOUSE. They leave at 7:30am and if Corey hasn't had enough to eat, I fix him something else to eat. Then it's time to brush his teeth, get him dressed, and have some play time. And by this time it's only like 8:15am!!! Is it nap time for mommy yet!?! This is just a small peek into my very busy days. But I love it. Don't ever think that I don't . I love being a mom. Really, it is quite a privilege. More pictures coming by the end of the weekend!!!!

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The Saras Family said...

busy busy. I thought I had it tough with my one sweet little cutie.

Aw, it's only just begun for me tho!