Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rainy Thursday

Well it is rainy and cold outside this morning...I'm glad that I'm not out in it. I hope that it clears up later this morning because I have errands that I really need to do. Anyway, I was sitting here this morning after just having got my 3 oldest out the door and on the bus, and I thought to myself, why don't you update your blog? Then I thought, well you could, but everyone really just likes to look at the pictures and if you can't post pictures then you might as well wait. THEN I thought, well just do it anyway so that people know what you have been up to. (If they happen to really want to know that.) OK, here goes. Jon and the boys and I went to Charleston, SC. for Thanksgiving to visit his side of the family. We left on Nov. 22nd and didn't leave to come home until Nov. 30th! It was a wonderful vacation. The kids missed 2 days of school, but oh well. We had the best time and I must say that I really needed the break from the daily routine and responsibility. And I have to say that I am super blessed in the fact that Jon has a wonderful family who obviously is my family as well. We were able to spend time with everyone which I loved every minute of. Truly a real blessing and something that I am so thankful for. I do have to say that I did miss spending time with my family though. I have always been with my family for every holiday for my whole life. This was the first time that I did something different. But like I said, we had a wonderful time. Except for the fact that Corey got super sick with a stomach virus and then guess what? Sunday night when we got home....mommy got it. Yuck. So, I have been sick since Sunday night, but it is much better this morning and probably will be gone by tonight. Hopefully. I will post pictures by this weekend....still not an easy task. Please pray for funds for a new computer and a new digital camera. Well, my baby who slept VERY late this morning just woke up. So, it's time for me to go get him and fix his breakfast. Right now he is talking in his crib waiting for me to get there. So sweet. :-) 

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