Saturday, March 14, 2009

Breakfast on the beach.....

Hello to all out there in Internet land.....I am still alive. I had my gall bladder removed last Friday and have had a slow recovery. However, I am feeling much better and thought that I would do a quick post for those of you who actually wonder where I went (which actually may only be one person, but oh well). Anyway, I am sitting here this morning drinking a cup of coffee (sorry Am!) with my oatmeal and watching the rain. Now, I love rain. I really do. But today, today I would rather be on a beach somewhere. Any beach. It has been much too long since I have felt the sand between my toes, the sun on my face and  heard the waves crashing on the shore.  9 months to be exact and I am in withdrawal. I decided that today I will plan our family a beach of course. Probably to Charleston, SC. to visit family. We go there every summer and stay with Jon's parents and have the best time. I am looking forward to time away and time with my family.....laying on a beach. If I could, I would pack a bag and head straight for a beach right now. Much like this one that I have been to before and long to go to again:

                                                                         And this one:

                                                                         And this one: be on a beach. There is nothing else like it in the world. 

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The Saras Family said...

Aw, the beach. so nice. I can see sand from where I am the desert, does that count? There's a pool, of corse, it's dark out and I can't really see much but the light from my laptop...humm, maybe it doesn't count.