Friday, November 27, 2009

Giving Thanks....

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. It was one of the best in a long time. It wasn't rushed, everything went like it was supposed to, and we just truly enjoyed being with each other. The food was AWESOME, thanks to my wonderful mother. I can only take credit for the mashed potatoes and gravy and the broccoli w/ hollandaise. The rest was all Mom and she did a ROCKIN job. Oh! My dad smoked a turkey that came out BEAUTIFUL. Thanks Dad! And he helped us so much in the kitchen, he was such a trooper! And my sister made a wonderful homemade apple crumb pie....needless to say, it was gone by last night. So this morning I'm sitting here with my kids enjoying the fact that they are home today and we get to enjoy each other's company. Tonight we are going to the Grand Illumination downtown to hear some live Christmas music, a parade of boats all decorated and lit up for Christmas on the river, and watch a wonderful display of fireworks! Santa sings and everything!! This is an event that our city puts on every year the day after Thanksgiving and my kids love it. It is VERY cold at this event because it is right on the river and obviously it's at night. But we layer, layer, layer and head down there for some holiday fun. My hubby will probably stay at home with our 2 yr. old as it might be "too much fun" for him! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday. I'm very thankful for all the Lord's blessings in my life. He truly has brought me through so much and continues to love and protect me no matter what the circumstances. I am so very thankful for Him. And so very thankful for my wonderful family and friends, you all are such a blessing to me. I will leave you with a few photos that I snapped of the table from yesterday. This was before the "eating frenzy" began. The turkey that you see is the smoked turkey, we also had a regular turkey. Yum! And after I took these pictures, I was pretty much in a turkey coma the rest of the day. Which is why you won't see anymore pictures! Well, that and I REALLY need a new camera. Maybe Santa will bring me one for Christmas. ;)

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