Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Ok, so I finally am able to put some pictures on here. And I will be able to post more frequently when we can get a new digital camera. For those of you who don't know my family I would like to introduce them. This is my wonderful husband Jon on our honeymoon (short for Jonathan). He is the sweetest man, and such a great father to our 4 boys. I love him more and more every day. 

This is my oldest, Austin who is 11. He is so sweet and caring and is the best 11 year old I know. Yes, I am his mother, but seriously he is. He is super smart and responsible. He gets great grades in school. He is probably a better planner than I am! He has such a sweet heart and always wants to do the right thing. Some of his favorite things are soccer, camping, hiking, and fishing. And obviously.... going to baseball games!

This is Ethan and he is 9 yrs. old. He will be 10 in Feb. He is my adventurous one. There is nothing that he is afraid of and he loves a challenge. He is very active and wants to be outside ALL the time. He loves trail biking, camping, hiking, etc. Funny enough he is also very sensitive and so sweet. He is always wanting to help in whatever way he can. And he too is really smart, he does so well in school.

This is Caleb and he is 8 yrs. old. Up until last August he was my baby. He has the best sense of humor and can make you laugh in an instant. He is so creative and loves to draw and paint. And he is really good at it too. Some of the things that he has drawn have blown me away. Jon and I are going to be putting him in some art classes this next summer to develop this talent. He really is so sweet and will share with anyone, even his brothers! He is so smart too, his teacher says that he may be a mathematician when he grows up.

This is my youngest Corey....he is 14 months old. This was him enjoying his dinner last night. He is such a ham, he will smile every time you call his name and he sees that you have a camera in your hand. He is a really good baby and has been from the beginning. When he would wake up he would never really cry, just lay there and make noise so that I would come and get him. He is such a sweet baby and he LOVES his brothers. He loves to chase them around the house and he tries his best to keep up! He really likes when he can go into their rooms and play with them. He loves his Ma Ma and Da Da too. When Jon gets home from work he throws his arms up into the air, smiles really big and yells, "Hi!!".  And when I am holding him and someone else tries to hold him he will shake his head, "No, No." So cute. :)

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