Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Running Around Town Today.....

Today is going to be a busy day. I leave tomorrow to go to N.C. to be in my cousins wedding. I have a TON of things to do to get ready. I have to go pick up my bridesmaid dress at the seamstress (thank God it's because it was too big), get my shoes to go with the dress, pick up my outfit to wear to the rehearsal dinner, get my car washed, go to the store to pick up stuff for the kiddos while I am away, etc. etc. And of course take care of my 14 month old and get home by 3pm when the bus drops off my oldest in front of my house. I should be able to post pics this evening, the external hard drive is working! Please keep my hubby in your prayers, he is sick and is going to have the kids by himself starting tomorrow evening for THREE days. Maybe you should also pray for my kids! Ha! Just kidding. :) 

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