Monday, December 8, 2008

New Pictures

I finally had some time to post some new pictures! This first one is of our view when we took the kids up into the mountains and I had to try and capture how gorgeous it was!

This next one is of Corey and Jon's Dad (Grand-Daddy.....or Paw Paw) while we were in Charleston. Corey LOVES his Paw Paw VERY much! He pretty much wouldn't let anyone else hold him while we were there. Not even me! We can't wait to see Maw Maw and Paw Paw again!

And here they are again:

This is a pic of my boys throwing leaves in our front yard....
they had SO much fun that day!! (I'm pretty sure that
Caleb is under the leaves)

Ethan and Caleb on our drive up through the
mountains....what a view!

This would be the pre-leaf fight photo!!

And this is a picture of my wonderful boys
at the chili cook off at our church:

Ethan's cheeks were rosy from playing
so much outside!

And this is a picture of my boys last night in front of our
Christmas took us FOREVER to get
Corey to smile. We finally had to give him his
own chair to sit in. He didn't want to be held
by his brothers! (Or keep his socks on)

I have a few more pictures from Charleston that I can post later. But most of what we took while we were there were videos. We don't have a digital camera yet to replace our old one that "died", but we do have a video camera (Thank you Dad!!!!)  that will take still shots. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy these and I will get more on here later! 


therauschfamily said...

too cute. love your boys. that will totally be me. all boys

The Amaro Twins said...

You boys are adorable too! What a beautiful family. Thank you for the sweet comment you left me!!=)

I have to make the same comment as the previous person and say that I will have all boys too. I LOVE it!! ;)

The Saras Family said...

hey girl...where ya been