Monday, December 7, 2009

Saturday Snow

They said (they, meaning the weather man) that we might get snow this past Saturday. Hmmmm, I wondered if we actually would. I love snow, I think it is beautiful. My hubby...not so much. He says that every time it snows or ices he hurts himself. So we keep him inside when it does! Ha Ha. So we awoke Saturday morning to this...

I totally LOVED it! And so did the kids....not my hubby though. So, he stayed inside and everyone else was out in it! But by that afternoon, most of it had melted. We did enjoy it though and then we went to a fabulous Christmas party that night! It was with some great people and some great food. The Jon, the kids and I had a wonderful time. It was good that they snow had melted....otherwise, Jon may not have gone to the party! Ha Ha!! Just kidding. Well, maybe. ;)

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lovingmylife said...

We got snow on Saturday too but not until later in the day. I LOVE it :) Actually I finally got to take Felcity out in it today and got a couple photos. Wes made me take him out as soon as we got home Saturday night and we made a snowman (only about 1foot tall) in the dark.